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July 13, 2006

Welcome and thank you for entering The Bingo Guy. We provide up to date bingo reviews of the top cyberspace sites as well as current articles and other gaming industry news. Many of the sites reviewed offer interactive playing, sign up bonuses, progressive jackpots and tournaments. You may even want to join one of the many High Roller Rooms or VIP Programs available. Our links also offer many game variations, including pattern bingo, speed bingo, splatter ball and much more.... If bingo is not your game you can always try and play backgammon instead.

Best of all, you can participate all from the comfort of your own home or office (have that screensaver ready when the boss comes around the corner....or the husband!!). Feel free to play virtually with friends and family as well as with players from around the world via the many "chats" that will enhance the vibe you have created within your own personal bingo community. Unless, of course, you prefer to play anonymously, or even as your alter ego, Simone from an exotic South Pacific island!!!

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Featured Article

Learning Bingo Terminology/Lingo
by The Bingo Guy

For those who play Bingo occasionally or who have never gotten into a good Bingo game, there are certain terms associated with the game of Bingo that one should know in order to play to the best of their ability. Learning the Bingo lingo will help one improve their game and calm their nerves as one who is adequately prepared in the way of Bingo terminology will feel more relaxed when it comes time to play the game.
Bingo Board
The Bingo board is the large display one often finds at Bingo halls which displays the numbers being called. This is a great thing to have in one's sight, as individuals who play Bingo at halls of this type are sure to be aware of all of the numbers that have been called and not miss any possible Bingos.
Bingo Card
The Bingo card is the basis of the game of Bingo. It is comprised of 25 squares with the middle square being a free space (see definition below). Each column has a letter on top (i.e. B, I, N, G, or O) and each square has a number within it. As the numbers are called, the players mark off the specific numbers which they may have on their Bingo card.
The caller is the individual at Bingo halls and Bingo functions who draws the numbers and announces them to the crowds. The caller is someone who should also be entertaining in nature and get the Bingo players ready for fun and excitement.
The dauber is the marker which Bingo players use to mark off the numbers which have been called. These types of markers are of such a consistency that they allow the player to mark off the number yet still be able to see what number it was that was called.
Free Space
The free space is located in the middle of all Bingo cards. This is a square that all players can mark off before they begin the Bingo game. It is a way of providing players with a free mark and may help them to get a Bingo that much faster.
The jackpot is the amount of money that will be awarded to the winner of a particular Bingo game.
The pattern is the Bingo game which is being played at that time. There are many different Bingo patterns which the caller can choose to have for each game. Some examples of often-used patterns include coverall, postage stamp, 6-pack, "T", "X" Bingo and regular Bingo (which is horizontal, vertical or diagonal Bingo).
This is what occurs once an individual calls out Bingo. It is usually the caller or other staff member who provides validation that an actual Bingo has been won by checking the numbers on a player's Bingo card.
The previously mentioned items are just some of the various Bingo terms which those who play Bingo are familiar with. Learning these aforementioned terms will help individuals ready themselves for the fun that lies ahead with the game of Bingo.


Winning Method For Bingo

Let me say at the very start . . . it is my own sincere opinion that when one sticks to tested rules, one's chances of winning more or less consistently is by far the most sensible procedure. On the other hand, BINGO is a game of Chance, and one's luck (and streaks of luck) can be greatly IMPROVED by following a good set of rules. I think THIS is the best ever. I'm confident no one has ever worked out a method to win EACH game one plays (regardless how many cards they may buy.) With THIS method I have worked out, one should WIN a lot more frequently than NOT using it.

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