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November 19, 2006

Tiki Bingo Promotion

Last Updated: 05/19/2006

Tiki Bingo is the place you can go to play all your favorite bingo patterns, progressive slots with huge jackpots, scratch-cards, video poker and keno! At Tiki Bingo the party never stops

Tiki Bingo - Play now for a truly Tiki experience!

Tiki Bingo is the place you can go to play all your favorite bingo patterns, progressive slots with huge jackpots, scratch-cards, video poker and keno! At Tiki Bingo the party never stops, with games 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! There's full 24 hour support and their ever helpful Chat Masters can't wait to meet, greet and make you feel welcome.

Using the preferred payment options you'll get a very generous 110% bonus on your first deposit and up to 60% bonus on all future deposits! For example - make your first deposit $20 and you'll get an EXTRA $22 bonus. You also get Tiki Comps for every dollar you spend that can be converted back into cash any time you want.

Tiki Bingo has a great range of progressive slots games in the 'More Games' area. You can play these games with your cash balance to win huge progressive jackpots over $200,000! Play Captain's Treasure, Ocean Princess, Goblins Cave, Fruit Mania, Chinese Kitchen, Cinerama and MegaBall. These games offer exciting bonus screens and multi-line / multi-reel options.

Make your bonuses work for you with Tiki Bingo's in-game slots and scratchies. You can use cash or BB's to play but you always get paid in CASH!

Tiki has one of the best chat systems available. Check out these cool features;

  • Upload your photo so your friends can see what you look like.

  • Tired of squinting at small computer writing? With the chat you can resize the writing to suit!

  • Get confused between ;-Z and :'-( ? Use the built in 'emoticons' and express yourself properly!

  • Have something personal to say to a friend? Talk to them in private chat.

  • Fed up with only seeing the last few lines of a conversation? Make the chat window as big as you need, it's separate to the game window.

Tiki Bingo utilizes advanced computer systems for an ultra secure, completely immersive gaming experience.

  • Reliable systems mean you don't get booted when the chat room gets busy.

  • You can see your balances, redeem comp points and receive game bonuses instantly.

  • Full game history means that you can see pictures of every game you've played at Tiki Bingo.

  • Easily Pre-buy the cards you want for the games you want in the future, so you don't even have to be logged in to play. You specify the game and the number of cards to play for that game.

Tiki Bingo is the online bingo that offers you the reassurance of a reputable land based casino - an independent offshore operation forming part of Australasia's finest land-based casino group; Christchurch Casinos, based in Christchurch - New Zealand. In maintaining this reputation, your enjoyment, security, and excellent customer service, are held in the highest regard.

Tiki Bingo is all about having fun, meeting friends and winning big!

Click Here to play now at Tiki Bingo

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